In cooperation with universities we constantly study new methods to protect and enhance the quality and the performance of the farming process.


Smileybee is present in the organic products supply chain and related services, able to:

Distribute organic eco-friendly biocides replacing inorganic  pesticides.


Support the development of the entire value chain of the bio agri-food sector.


Engineer and make available distinctive expertise and cutting-edge technology, products already onshelf for home, farm and city.


Integrated in a blockchain environment all the other elements that makes possible to complete the organic Farm to Fork supply chain.


Offer an online bio-marketplace able to directly connect producer and consumer.

     Increase organic farming


     Farm Advisory Service


     Enhance Eco Scheme


     Quality and certification


     Ensure a fair economic                         return in the supply chain

Smileybee creates value for
the entire value chain

A healthier and more Sustainable EU food system is a cornerstone of

the European Green Deal: from Farm to Fork - 2030 targets

The use of pesticides in agriculture contributes to pollution of soil, water and air. The commission will take action to reduce the use of chemical and more hazardous pesticides by 50%

The excess of nutrients in the environment is a major source of air, soil and water pollution, Negatively impacting biodiversity and climate.The Commission will act to:

reduce nutrient losses by atleast 50%,

While ensuring no  deterioration  on soil  fertility reduce fertilizer use by atleast 20%

Antimicrobial  resistance linked to the use of  antimicrobial in animal and human health leads to an  estimated 33,000 human deaths in the EU each year. The Commission will reduce the sale of antimicrobial for  farmed  animals and in aquaculture by 50%

Organic farming is an environmentally friendly practice that needs to be further developed.

   The commission will help the EU’s organic  farming sector to grow, with the goal of 25% of  total farmland being used for organic farming by 2030.

Automatic Detection

Large field drone survey equipped with specific sensors to identify quality and eventual presence of unwanted insects or other warnings.


Predictive analysis, these methods allow for analyzation of what has happened in the past on the farm, as well as what currently is happening and is going to happen, to make use of the data to predict the future and make decisions that impact the bottom line and end use of on-farm products.


Our products are certified and 100% bio

For the defence of the crops. Authorized in organic farming.

100% organic

Composed by Azadiractin

Crops biostimulating protector. Authorized in organic farming.

100% organic

Composed by Chitosan

 Biostimulant consisting of 100% enzymatic hydrolyzate of vegetable origin

100% organic

Composed by  Biostimulant consisting

Crops biostimulating protector.

100% organic

Composed by Urtica spp