About Us


We produce innovative and sustainable biochemical products.

Smileybee is a new generation international company based on biologic, organic and eco-friendly solutions aimed to reduce the use of chemical pesticides  and other invasive and ineffective products and services for the Home,  Farm and Smart Cities of the future.

Smileybee is a comprehensive service provider presently operating in Italy, UK, Cyprus and India, producer of innovative and sustainable biochemical products, serving customers worldwide with Certified Products guaranteed also by Blockchain technology.

Smileybee is present in all the Farm production chain from the engineering of innovative irrigation systems aimed at optimizing water consumption, the construction of the same based on the use of biocides and other bio products in order to certify you as Bio Producer. We also provide for maintenance using drones and preventive analysis of the field.


The world’s social and natural systems are experiencing significant growing transformations at the local, national and global scales, as a consequence of the combination of several environmental crisis.

We believe in protecting water, land, air, forests and biodiversity

We believe we can transform the environment for the greater good of all

We aim to make sustainable food production possible

We support our customers in reducing their environmental footprint while improving food production, profitability and the well-being of the living system. Engineering and construction of large-scale bio-farm irrigation systems as well as production of home / garden device that protects and irrigates the lawn.

Our dream is a world where sustainable agriculture is the foundation of thriving and resilient rural landscapes and livelihoods, totally in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Promoting sustainable food consumption and facilitating the shift to healthy, sustainable diets, The Farm to Fork Strategy. Combating food fraud along the food supply chain. Advisory services, data and knowledge sharing, and skills.

We work directly with farmers, companies, Universities with entomology and agronomy studies and other organizations to accelerate and deepen the positive impact we can make as patners on a journey of change. We are ready to provide consultancies supporting your business to be part of the transition.